How to get Twisted Masquerade Ball event masks in Dead By Daylight

Earn these masks while you can.

Image via Dead by Deadlight YouTube

For Dead by Daylight’s sixth-anniversary event, the game will be holding multiple celebrations for players to earn rewards. From June 16 until June 30, there will be a Twisted Masquerade Ball available for you to earn a variety of masks, along with other rewards. Here’s what you need to know about how to get all of the masks in the Twisted Masquerade Ball event in Dead by Daylight.

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All Twisted Masquerade Ball event masks

For the Twisted Masquerade Ball masks, you need to find invitations while playing the game. These will appear on the map, on top of an ornate pillar. The invitation moves around the map, with a specific sound cue going off when it’s available. When you find it, you will be able to claim one of the 12 available masks, and these masks unlock in any order.

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These are all of the characters in Dead by Deadlight who will receive masks during the Twisted Masquerade event.

  • Ace Visconti
  • Deathslinger
  • Dwight Fairfield
  • Elodie Rakoto
  • Jane Romero
  • Mikaela Reid
  • The Artist
  • The Huntress
  • The Spirit
  • The Trapper
  • The Trickster
  • Yui Kimura

Alongside these masks is an even larger event inside the Twisted Masquerade Event Tome. You can visit this page on the main menu in-between Trials. There will be two levels available, and the second one will be available six days after the event launches. On the top part of the event are Community Challenges for everyone in Dead by Deadlight community, and single-player ones are on the bottom.

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For those focused on earning your mask for the Twisted Masquerade event, we recommend focusing on joining Dead by Daylight games and waiting for the distinct sound to go off, indicating an invitation has arrived. The more games you play, the more chances you have to earn all 12. Make sure to visit the Twisted Masquerade tome to earn even more rewards during the event.