How to get villagers to visit your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ 2.0.0 Update

Come on over!

Screenshot by Gamepur

A lot of beloved features made their return in Animal Crossing New Horizon’s 2.0.0 update. The Roost is back, players can now find Gyroids scattered around their island, ordinances can be enacted, and players are now able to take boat tours with Kapp’n. There are also new features, such as the ability to grow crops and shops being added to Harv’s island.

The shops that appear are Harriet’s salon, Kicks, Redd’s art shop and so many more. This allows players to make purchases from these merchants if they aren’t on their island that day.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One beloved feature that makes its return in this update is the ability for villagers to come over to your house. There’s no guaranteed way for that to happen, however. If you want a villager to show up at your place, go to your home and wait around to see if anyone shows up. If someone does show up, who it is is also up to chance. When they arrive, they’ll roam your house for a bit before telling you they’re about to head out. You can either say goodbye to them or ask them to stay longer. If you talk to them while they’re inside your home, they’ll compliment you on your place and decor.