How to get Wonder Woman in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Keep the lasso of truth in the trunk.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Wonder Woman has been part of the Hot Wheels franchise since 2012 when the car was first introduced as part of the DC Universe Character Cars set. Since then, there have been a few iterations of the vehicle in various new sets, but the core design only changed with 2017’s DC Universe Character Cars set. It’s now possible to race this car in Hot Wheels Unleashed, and this guide explains how you can add it to your collection.

Volume 1 Pass content only

Screenshot by Gamepur

Wonder Woman is only available to Hot Wheels Unleashed Volume 1 Pass owners. Once you’ve purchased the Volume 1 Pass, navigate to the Add-Ons section in the main menu and locate the Vehicles subheading. This menu shows you all of the downloadable cars for Hot Wheels Unleashed, including premium ones that are part of the game’s season passes and free ones.

Scroll along the bottom until you see Wonder Woman. You’ll need to download the car from your respective digital storefront, and then it should be added to your collection. We had to restart the game to get the vehicle to show up in our collection. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to race Wonder Woman around all tracks and game modes. You can even upgrade the car with Gears to be a much fiercer rival for other players online.