How to get worms in Hokko Life

The best farming method for the game’s real currency.


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After a while, Hokko Life becomes a game in which you need to make your own fun. There’s only so much fishing and bug catching you can do. Collecting items to sell or use later can pay off, giving you more time to fish later in the game when a story mission requires it. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to collect worms in Hokko Life, an essential part of your town’s economy.

Don’t stop digging

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only way to pick up worms is by digging, but they don’t appear with every use of the shovel. Instead, you’ve got to dig countless holes to pick up one or two of these creatures. Aimlessly digging isn’t much fun, so we suggest that you pick up some seeds from the store and focus on planting new flowers and trees.

As you dig the holes for your seeds in neat little rows, you’ll see the occasional worm and clump of clay spawn. These are great finds, so walk over to them and hoover them up quickly. If you plant around 20 flowers and trees per day, you should build up a decent supply of worms to use later in the game’s story or sell to the shop so you can afford some nice new furniture.

Why collect worms?

Worms are an integral part of the economy in Hokko Life. After a certain point in the story, you’ll be fishing like there’s no tomorrow. There are a total of 20 fish to catch, and each one can be sold for a profit at the shop so that you can afford more furniture to improve the overall quality of the town. If you want to earn money fast, fishing is how to do it. Unfortunately, you can’t fish without bait. That’s where worms come in.

Worms are the only bait to use when fishing. Since they pop up so rarely, though, you’ll be digging for ages if you want to have a good stock available for fishing later on. That’s why we suggest planting so many flowers and trees. You can always pick the flowers or chop down the trees after a few days. Then you can start the process all over again.

Following this pattern will net you more worms than you know what to do with. That way, you can abuse the local shop and sell an obscene amount of fish to them.