How to get your wife to confess to murdering her father in 12 Minutes

Merry Christmas, dad.

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12 Minutes is a constant puzzle that tasks you with constantly finding information and clues so that you can further progress the story on your next time loop. Near the beginning of the game, the cop will enter your apartment and constantly accuse your wife of murdering her father. Obviously, you can’t say for sure if she did or did not do it, so you will need to find out. Here is how to get your wife to confess to killing her father in 12 Minutes.

To get your wife to begin talking to you about her murdered father, you will need to prove to her that you are in a time loop. First, talk to her and choose “Tell her the day is restarting,” then “Prove the day is restarting,” and “Choose what to prove with.” There are a couple of ways you can do this. Choose any two of the methods below to convince her.

  • If you have talked to her early enough, you can click on the window above the kitchen sink, and you will tell her about the lightning about to strike.
  • If you have found the watch before, you can grab it and click on it in your inventory to give it to her.
  • Enter the bedroom and grab the Present from the drawer. Select it to give it to her.

After you have convinced your wife that she is in a time loop, she will begin telling you about her family’s past. In this conversation, she tells you about the Christmas Eve where she was sneaking out, but her dad caught her. They got into a physical fight, and she shot him then ran away, believing that she killed him. She also mentions the polaroid on the fridge taken of her on New Year’s Eve, which will be a significant clue for you in a different loop.

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The nice thing about completing this is you will no longer need to gather items to prove you are in a loop. The first time you start a conversation with her in a new loop, you can give her that polaroid off of the fridge and you will prove she is innocent because while she shot her dad on Christmas Eve, he died on New Year’s Eve. Now in the future when you go to prove you are in a loop, tell her about the night she ran away and she will instantly believe you.