How to go to prison and work as a barber in BitLife

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When you go to prison in BitLife, you’ll find yourself trying to pass the time as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do beyond hitting the Age Up button and hoping your sentence becomes reduced. However, you can take a few jobs while in prison to pass the time and ensure you’re making a bit of money while you’re there. Here’s what you need to know about going to prison and working as a barber in BitLife. This is one of the tasks for The V Challenge in the game.

You’ll be sent to prison in BitLife if you commit a crime, get arrested by the police, and lose the court case. It’s typically better to cooperate with the police rather than fighting them or causing a scene in the courtroom. When you’re in jail, though, you lose a good majority of your assets, income, and many stats begin to go down.

You also lose most of your tabs on the lower part of your screen, and they’re now replaced with the Prison tab. From here, you can perform some activities exclusively in jail. For example, if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see the option for Prison Jobs. You can choose to accept several different tasks while you’re in jail, and one of those is becoming a barber.

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If you don’t see the specific job you’re looking to assume, you’ll need to hit the Age Up button and see if it appears. Unlike specific actions or random events, jobs are typically static until they appear. You’ll need to wait until a Barber position opens up.