How to heal Jomsviking during River Raids in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Even the best warriors need something to eat and some rest.

When conducting any of the River Raids in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you’ll find that the powerful Jomsviking you take with you during these battles will steadily take damage and become hurt. If a Jomsviking falls during the battle, you’ll lose a powerful asset, and you won’t recruit them following the raid. You have to wait one River Raid attack cycle. They require rations to heal and regain their strength.

If you’re looking for rations when you’re conducting raids, you need to find civilian villages in these areas. These villagers are significantly smaller than the monasteries or the military outposts you can raid while on the river. When you disembark at these locations, there’s still some resistance defending these sites and even more, if your river warning meter is high enough, but overall these are fairly simple conquests compared to the others along the river. Your primary goal is to find the large chest in this village.

The large chest does not contain any foreign supplies or special gear for Eivor. Instead, it contains rations, and these go to your Jomsviking that they can use to heal themselves while raiding. It’s recommended you attack an area, find a village, or aim for one of these small villages to acquire the rations pretty early. You’ll find it’s fairly wasteful to attack military outposts over and over again while raiding. While your Eivor will be able to handle these brutal assaults and survive, it’s easy to forget to check on your Jomsviking warriors.

Your Jomsviking will use their rations automatically when they are low on health. You can still pick up a Jomsviking if they fall during the raid, but you have to reach them in time, and if you do, you’ll use one of your rations to bring them back to full strength.