How to heal yourself in Worms Rumble

Keep yourself in tip-top shape.

Worms Rumble takes the usual turn-based series and makes it into a real-time action battle royale. In the past, you had plenty of time to strategize your next move and react to enemy actions. This time, though, you need to think on your feet. Any moment that you spend attacking an enemy means they can instantly return the favor and vice versa. This is why health and shield management is essential. You do not want to go into an altercation with an enemy with less health. Here is how you can heal yourself in Worms Rumble.

Healing yourself in Worms Rumble relies on you finding a Med Kit. You can find these in crates (most commonly green ones) throughout the map or by killing enemies holding one. Move your worm to where the Kit is and press Square to pick it up. You will know you have a Med Kit in your inventory by looking in the bottom left of your screen. If you do not have any healing items, there will be an empty purple square next to your health bar. With the Med Kit in your inventory, hold up on the D-pad to begin healing yourself. A progress bar will appear, letting you know how long until you can move again.

Unfortunately, you can only keep one Med Kit or one Energy Drink (for shields) at a time, so if you are filled up on health, you need to choose which area you want to heal down the road.