How to improve house condition in BitLife

Time to make some money those houses.


Image via Candywriter LLC

When purchasing a home in BitLife, you may not have the most money available to you when you initially buy it. Because of your limited funds, you may have to buy a home where it doesn’t have the best condition, which can lead to several problems with it as it continues to age, and you may not be able to sell it for a better price when you want to buy a better piece of property. You can improve a house’s condition, though.

Take a look at your house’s condition in the assets tab of the application. Tap on the home, or examine it before buying, and investigate the condition of the house. A home with a poor condition will have a low, red bar, whereas a good one has a high green one. Most of the time, the home with a higher condition costs far more than the one with a lower one. To improve the home’s condition, you first need to purchase it with cash or a loan.

Go to the Assets tab on your main screen and click on the property you own. You will have a variety of options to choose from while on this new screen. You want to go down to the choice of renovating the home. You will need to use a direct amount of your income to renovate, but it improves the home’s condition. It’s an investment. The higher condition of your home, the more it will sell for later when after several years.

The amount for the renovation will vary. The more you spend on it, the higher condition you can receive, thereby having less random costs with the home and the more money you can receive, making a profit on the house.