How to improve Smarts and Looks in BitLife

Look good while studying hard.


Image via Candywriter LLC

You will have four major stats to watch over while playing BitLife. All of them affect your character and influence activities you routinely do. For example, if you have a higher health stat, you can expect not to get as sick as much and for your character to be able to perform many physical activities, whereas if this stat is lower, you have an increased chance to become sick. Other stats include smarts, looks, and happiness.

Increasing your smarts and looks stats can be a little tricky. When you’re at a younger age, increasing these are extremely helpful to help you out with dating and succeeding in school.

When you’re at a young age from five years old to 18, you want to spend time reading any books you can from the activities tab, underneath the Mind & Body tab. Choose any of the available books, and start reading them, which involves you rapidly clicking the screen to flip through the pages. You want to read a book once a year to improve your smarts stat.

Alternatively, during this age range, you want also to spend time going on walks, meditating, and going to the gym. The more time you spend working out and remaining physically active, the more your looks increase. By continuing to be physically active, you can expect your health stat to rise at the same time, though this is far easier to maintain.

You want to continually repeat the process of reading books, working out, meditating, and regularly going on walks each year to keep these stats in check. There are other choices for those struggling with these two, though they are more drastic.

If you want to increase your looks dramatically, you can choose plastic surgery, which is down in the lower section of the Activities tab. You can choose to do botox, eyelid surgery, facelift, liposuction, a nose job, tummy tuck, and more. Performing any of these options is costly, and comes with a risk. They can drastically increase your looks stat but have a chance of failing, and making this stat event worse.

Unfortunately, the smarts stat does not have a direct activity like plastic surgery to improve it. Instead, you need to ensure you are reading books every year or have your character return to school when they become older to complete any education. While at school they can choose to study harder every year, which should improve their chances of graduating by the end of their time to keep their grades up. You can also use the memory game or going to the library.

By keeping up with the mind and body tab in your activities slot, you should see these stats regularly rising, but random acts can lower them, which you can’t prevent. You have to adapt to the situation and hope for the best.