How to increase Crisis level in Stellaris

The endgame has arrived, and it’s you.

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When you become the Crisis in Stellaris, you’ll be placing yourself at the center of conflict and attempt to become the largest threat to all of the other empires. You’ll receive a series of passives, buffs, and additional resources as you increase your menace levels, a mechanic is exclusive to the empire that has become the crisis. If your goal is to become the crisis, we highly recommend you follow the route of obtaining a massive military in the empire and increasing your weaponry as much as possible.

Become the Crisis

Before you can increase the menace and raise the Crisis level, you have to become the Crisis. You can do this once you’ve chosen the Ascension Perk on your traditions page and confirm it. We highly recommend that you do this later in the game when you have much stronger military might than you would obtain during the start of the game.

These are all of the requirements you have to meet to accept the Become the Crisis Ascension Perk.

  • You must have at least two ascension perks unlocked before picking Become the Crisis
  • All of this must be false
    • Has Xenophile Ethic
    • Has Fanatic Xenophile Ethic
    • Has Pacifist Ethic
    • Has Fanatic Pacifist Ethic
    • Has Rogue Servitor Civic
  • You must have an empty Ascension Perk slot

How to the Crisis level – All Menace objectives

Once you have the Become the Crisis Ascension Perk, you’ll be able to increase the galaxy’s Crisis level. Each level provides you with a variety of perks and passives that turn you into a much more terrifying threat.

Here are all of the Menace Objectives you can complete to raise the Crisis level.

  • Be in Breach of Galacity Community law
  • Conquer worlds
  • Destroy empires
  • Destroy enemy ships
  • Destroy starbases
  • Destroy worlds
  • Perform Disruptive operations
  • Purge or assimilate populations
  • Retain vassals
  • Vassalize empires

Essentially, you’ll be going to war with nearly every Empire as you become the Crisis, hence why we highly recommend players choose a more military-based route before choosing the Become the Crisis Ascension Perk.

All Crisis levels

These are all of the Crisis levels you can reach as the Crisis in Stellaris.

  • Level 1 (Menace)
    • Gain access to Menace objectives
    • Purge unlocks as a policy option, and your population purge speed increases by 500%
    • You gain intimidation and subjugation acceptance is increased by 25.
  • Level 2 (Threat)
    • Unlock access to Menacing Corvette
    • Increase your damage against starbases by 30%
    • Your war exhaustion gain decreases by 75%
  • Level 3 (Peril)
    • Unlock access to Menacing Destroyer
    • Ship build speed increase by 50%
    • Orbital Bombardment damage increases by 20%
    • Your menacing Corvette’s evasion increases by 15% and their disengage chance increases by 50%
  • Level 4 (Galactic Nemesis)
    • Unlock access to Menacing Cruiser
    • Ship weapons damage increases by 50%
    • Menacing Destroyer tracking increases by 30%
  • Level 5 (Existential Threat)
    • Unlock access to megastructure Aetherophasic Engine Frame
    • Unlock the Star-Eater ship
    • Increases your Menacing Crusier hull points by 30%
    • Ship upkeep decreases by 30%