How to increase Frey’s max health in Forspoken

Be healthy.

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There are plenty of stats to worry about in Forspoken but none are as important as your health. The amount of health you have makes the difference between whether you will survive the next hit or end up restarting from your last save. Of course, increasing your max health isn’t something that just happens in Forspoken. Instead, you need to work for your stat increases by finding them in the world. This guide will show you how to increase Frey’s max health in Forspoken.

How to increase your max health in Forspoken

Throughout the world of Athia, you will find various locations of interest that you can visit. While some of these get you experience, others will offer stat increases. It is easy to think that your health simply increases by leveling up as you progress through the game, but that’s not the case. Instead, you need to track down specific detours that offer health increases called Monuments.

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Monuments are a special type of detour that give you stat increases. There are plenty of other detours that increase your stats but they mainly give you benefits to your magic. If you want to increase your max health, you need to track down Monuments to Justice. Monuments are typically in harder-to-reach areas high-up on the map. Once you reach one, you will need to destroy the rocks around it to interact with it. Interacting with Monuments to Justice will increase Frey’s max health by five points.

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There is one other method of increasing Frey’s max health and that is by changing your gear. The necklace and cloak that you wear will give benefits to various stats with one of them being Frey’s max health. Each piece of gear offers different benefits so make sure you pick the ones that are best for your playstyle.