How to increase greatness as a professional athlete in BitLife

Make a name for yourself.


When your character in BitLife achieves their dream of becoming a professional athlete, they will have already been drafted into their starting professional team, and they can live the life of a famous all-star. A professional athlete’s career can be a comfortable one, but it comes with a lot of work. There’s a new meter you need to worry about called greatness, and it determines how great an athlete you are at your sport.

When you first join a team and become a professional athlete, your greatness is extremely low. It’s absolute trash because you haven’t had the opportunity to develop yourself as a useful team member. You want to prove yourself, and make sure you’re a worthwhile member alongside your teammates. A great way to do that is to read your stats, which you can do when assessing your professional athlete job, and view your greatness. Whatever your two or three lowest stats are, try to work on those in the practice category underneath activities in the job section. The more you practice those skills each year, the more chances you have to become a valued member of your team.

Each year after the end of a season, your greatness increases based on how often you could play in games and how much of an asset you were. The various stat sheets you receive at the end of a season breakdown how useful you were to the team, and these come from your various skills in the sport. Make sure to continually practice at your lower skills as possible, but don’t forget to work on your expert skills because increasing those is never a bad thing.

The more you become a treasured athlete with better skills, the more esteem and prowess your team garners. A team with a higher ranking at the end of a season increases your greatness. Make sure to practice, work out, meditate, and take time to review your stats.