How to insult your children in BitLife

What did you call them?

Image via Candywriter

You can have several family interactions with characters in BitLife. You can spend time with them, discuss random topics to build your relationship over time. There are times when you’re at odds with them, or you could just be trying to complete a challenge, such as the Manic Mother challenge, where you’ll be tasked to insult your children. In this guide, we’re going to share how to insult your children.

All you have to do is click on them in the relationships tab, and choose the insult option. When you do this, your character will make a negative remark about the person you’re doing that to, specifically your children. The remark will not go over well with the character, and your relationship will fall with that person. If you’re trying to do it as soon as possible with your children, you want to wait until they reach age three. If you try to do anything before this, it won’t work.

There are extremely few times you want to do this with another character, unless they’re an enemy, or you’re trying to complete a challenge. You can expect several negative consequences to befall you after you’ve insulted someone. If they’re an enemy with you already, or they don’t like you, don’t be surprised they attack your character.