How to join the Italian Mafia in BitLife

Welcome to the family.

Image via Candywriters

If you’re interested in crime in BitLife, you can complete a handful of terrible deeds by yourself to gain a small income. Although, you could join a larger organization and make some real money, working alongside family members and keeping each other in line. You always have the option to join the Italian Mafia. Here’s what you need to do to join the Italian Mafia in BitLife.

Before you set out to join the Mafia, we highly recommend that you start working on your reputation and increasing your notoriety with other criminals. The best way to do this is by committing more minor crimes when you’re under 18. This way, if you’re ever caught committing a crime or doing something wrong by the police, they won’t immediately throw you into prison because of your age. Then, when you’re ready to commit a crime, head to the Activities tab, and there will be a Crime option. You’ll want to commit a few crimes every few years to increase your notoriety.

When you reach 18, you’ll want to cease committing crimes and go to the Special Careers page underneath the Occupation tab. You should see the option to join the Organized Crime, and the one you’re looking to join is the Mafia. This will be the Italian Mafia. If you don’t have enough notoriety, they won’t let you join, which means you need to commit more crimes before they accept you. Hopefully, though, you’ve done all of the crime you need to before you’re 18 years old.

After you’re accepted into the Italian Mafia, you can start committing crimes for the family and working with them to profit. You’ll also have the option to work your way up the Mafia hierarchy.