How to kill a Ladybug in Grounded

It’s not as cute as it looks.

Grounded 3

Image via Obsidian

The Ladybug is one of the bigger enemies that you will be taking on in Grounded. It might look cute, but it packs quite a punch and can be an awkward fight if you take it on in the wrong area. 

Where to find the Ladybug

Ladybug Location

You can find the Ladybug patrolling a pretty large area to the south of the large Oak Tree. When you get to the spot shown on the map above, climb as high as you can, and you should spot the Ladybug’s red shell between the grasses.

How to kill the Ladybug

The Ladybug is slow-moving, with a large health bar. It also hits really hard, and two blows from this beast will take you to your respawn point. When fighting it, use a spear and keep your distance. Start the fight by stabbing it repeatedly, then try to keep turning towards its back and sides while fighting it.

The Ladybug will telegraph most of its attacks by rearing backward a little, so it is easy enough to dodge these if you are cautious. You should always try to fight the Ladybug in the grass, as the blades of grass will trap it, making it very difficult for the creature to move, and allowing you to get a lot of strikes against it.

Finally, watch out for spiders. If you start fighting any creature too close to a spider, it will join in, and that is not a fight that you can win. When you kill the Ladybug, make sure you grab the head, as you can analyze it to get a recipe for the Insect Axe