How to get a Level 2 Axe in Grounded

Step up your game.


Image via Steam

Tools are important in Grounded, and eventually, you will want to upgrade from your Level 1 Pebblet Axe to a harder-hitting Level 2 Axe. This will take some work, and you will need to have some things to be able to make it.

How to get a level 2 axe

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure you have a workbench. Level 2 Axe can only be built at the workbench, so even if you get all the parts you need, you won’t be able to make it unless you have one.

Lady Bug Location

Once you have that sorted, you will need to head to the area shown on the map above to find the Ladybug. The Ladybug has a pretty wide patrol area here, so search around until you find it, but make sure you don’t get swarmed by spiders.

Now, you need to kill the Ladybug. This might make you feel like a Disney villain, but the Ladybug will wreck you if you get hit. Two shots from a Ladybug is enough to send you to a respawn point, so carefully circle around it, and stab it with your spear when you can.

When it is dead, pick up the head and make your way to the Analyzer in the camp—Analyze the head to unlock the Insect Axe recipe.

Insect Axe

You will need the follow resources to build the Insect Axe:

  • Ladybug Head x 1
  • Bombardier Part x 3
  • Spider Silk x 4

Bombardier Parts

To get these, you will need to fight Bombardier bugs, which can be found to the West of where you find the Ladybug. These are tough to fight, as they spew a gooey substance on you that damages and stuns you.

Spider Silk

You can get Spider Silk by hitting Spider Webs with your Pebblet Axe, just make sure you keep an eye out for spiders while doing it.