How to kill family members to inherit royalty in BitLife

It kills to be in a royal family.


Image via Candywriter

You can be born into a royal family in BitLife, and when you grow up, you can potentially gain the throne. Although, if you’re the younger sibling, chances are your brother or older sister will inherit the crown, forcing you to take a lesser title. It’s better to serve as the highest person in the entire country, rather than someone lower on the totem pole. You have to kill or eliminate the older family member to secure the crown, which means you need to get your hands dirty.

Taking out a family member works the same way as committing any other murder. Just because you’re royalty doesn’t mean you can do it sooner. You have to wait until your character reaches 14 years old to attempt to take out your family members. When you’re ready to try it, go over to the activities tab, and choose the option to commit a crime, and the choose murder. You should have a list of options to take out, and your parents, or older sibling, can be among them. Unfortunately, much like any commoner, if you get caught and proven guilty, your character will be sent to jail after committing the murder.

However, successfully taking out your family member and assuming their role in the royal family comes with various benefits, especially if you become the king or queen. You receive all of the inheritance money and power that comes with the role. The earlier you take them out, the more time you have in power, but there are plenty of risks for being impatient.

When you become older, you can potentially hire a hitman to do, which may serve as a better choice not to connect yourself to the murder.