How to kill your supervisor in BitLife

Work is the worst.


Image via Candywriter

Are you fed up with your supervisor in BitLife? You can make them pay by getting your hands dirty and choosing to take them out, so they’re no longer a problem. Killing your supervisor does come with plenty of potential backlash and repercussions. It helps to have plenty of money in your bank account to make sure you can hire the best lawyers available to defend you if the police catch you.

When you’re tired of your supervisor at work, go to the activities menu on the right side of your screen and scroll down to the crime menu. There should be an option to murder a character in the game, and your supervisor should be one of them. You do need to have a full-time job to see them as an option. Click on them, and you should have a handful of choices to pick how to take them out. The choice is yours, and unfortunately, it is relatively random if it’s going to work and if you get caught. For those with enough money, you might be able to hire another person to take them out. The hitman could potentially be an undercover cop or steal your money and never do the deed.

Unfortunately, attempting to murder your supervisor comes with a relatively high random result. You may have to make multiple attempts against the person to try to eliminate them. If you’re having trouble with them at work, you might be better off trying to be mean to them or get on their good side for a promotion. For those attempting to complete the I Hate Work challenge to murder their supervisor, you want to be careful, and probably try to finish it after completing the first two objectives. Again, having a lot of money makes the task significantly easier to complete.