How to land while riding a witch’s broom in Fortnite for Fortnitemares 2021

Quickly sweeping this Fortnitemares quest out of your way.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As Fortnitemares is in full swing once again in Fortnite, there are a new set of challenges to be completed for some well-earned rewards. As this does revolve around Halloween, one of these tasks will have you searching long and hard for the Mythic-rarity witch’s broom — an item that can be used to traverse across small parts of the map. The goal here will be to land successfully after taking it for a joyride, but achieving this may take some tries.

Where to find the witch’s broom

Although The Convergence and Sideways Anomalies give you decent odds of finding a witch’s broom, we highly recommend starting your search at Risky Reels — the landmark southeast of Pleasant Park (as shown below). In our first three games searching there, the item was located just outside one of the various houses each time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to complete the landing challenge

Once obtained, the witch’s broom can be used by pressing what is ordinarily the shooting trigger. After the short animation activates, continue to hold the trigger until the broom eventually lands onto a hard surface. The challenge should be complete once this is done five times. However, some challenges, like this one, do tend to glitch and only show your progress one match after the task has been finished.

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Completing this Fortnitemare event challenge will net you 2,800 XP — the same amount earned as the Collect Candy and Pumpkin Launcher quests.