How To Leave Dungeons Fast In Diablo 4

Need to get out of a dungeon quickly in Diablo 4? This guide will explain how to do just that using several quick options.


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Diablo 4 offers players a slew of challenges to tackle, including particularly difficult dungeons. While working through a dungeon, you might struggle with a certain part, need to empty your bags, or craft an Elixir to help deal with a certain damage type while doing dungeons, especially tougher Nightmare Dungeons. However, walking back to the entrance is a task no one wants to take on. Thankfully, players can make a quick exit in Diablo 4.

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How To Leave Dungeons Quickly in Diablo 4

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To leave a dungeons in Diablo 4, open the Emote wheel, and you will see an option in the top left wedge that says Leave Dungeon. You click that, and you will be teleported to the outside entrance of the dungeon. So, If you find yourself stuck, needing to change gear, or get tired of the dungeon you are in, you can jump out with ease.

However, leaving this way will cause you to have to run through the dungeon again if you return without resetting, which can be a rather annoying and lengthy process. Thankfully, there is a way to teleport right back to where you were.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you open the map inside the dungeon, you will see options in the bottom left corner, with one labeled World Map: Sanctuary. If you click this option, you will be presented with the world map, and you can teleport to any Waypoints you have unlocked. By doing this, you will then be able to use the portal you make to teleport back to the exact location you were in the dungeon, saving you from backtracking. Doing this, you can pop out, grab gear, salvage, or craft something, and pop back with no hassle. Just make sure you don’t cause the game to reload since this will make your portal disappear.