How to lock onto enemy starfighters in Star Wars: Squadrons

I have you now.

Your targeting system in Star Wars: Squadrons is the difference-maker in any battle. Using this part of your Starfighter effectively is key to defeating enemies, human or AI, so you will need a few tips on how to lock on properly. Here is our guide on how to lock onto enemy Starfighters in Squadrons.

The first thing you must do is find a target. This is easy as there are plenty of opposing Starfighters around you on the battlefield and bigger starships in other game modes like Fleet Battles.

Once you have chosen a target, you can begin the lock-on process. Line up your target so that it is near, or centered, in your crosshair. You will receive an indicator that the lock on process has begun once they are. Hold your target in your crosshair; otherwise, the lock on will fail. Once lock on has been confirmed, you can fire your missile or other weapons.

How to switch targets in Star Wars: Squadrons

You can change your target in Squadrons if you think that your current one is too difficult to take down. There are five ways to switch targets, and you can read about each one below:

  • Auto-Target Attacked Hostiles – Enabling this will select your next target based on what enemy you are shooting at
  • Manual Reticle Targeting – Press the Select Target button (T key on PC, LT on Xbox One, L2 on PlayStation 4, or JOY 2 on your joystick) to select anything that is directly in front of you
  • Target My Attacker – Double-tap the G key, A on Xbox One, Cross on PS4, or JOY 5. This targets whoever is currently shooting at you
  • Cycle Targets – Press F on PC, A on Xbox One, Cross on PS4, or JOY 5. This cycles through enemies that match the criteria in your Targeting Wheel. You can bring this up by holding the 5 key, LT, L2, or JOY 10
  • Ally Ping – You can acknowledge an ally’s ping by double-tapping the B key, Y on Xbox One, Triangle on PS4, or JOY 8. This will select the pinged enemy as your target