How to make a BitLife video in BitLife

Have your BitLife character share a video of them playing BitLife.

BitLife Houdini

Social media is all about having a personality and sharing it with others around the world. It takes a lot of time to develop that personality. It’s no different when you want to become a social media influence in BitLife. You have five social media choices to pick from, but to make a BitLife video while playing BitLife, you have to do it from YouTube. Sign up to YouTube and start making videos.

You can sign up for YouTube at any time. Your character should have the option to take on a social media account when they reach 14. At that point, while you won’t have a lot of followers, you can make a video about anything. Click on the YouTube tab in your social media options, and the top video choice should be to make a BitLife video. It’ll say you were sharing what you were up to in BitLife and how you tried to share it with your followers. It’ll list how many people viewed the video, and if you obtain any new subscribers, or if you lost them.

For those attempting to complete the challenge to receive 1,000 YouTube videos on a BitLife video, try to mix up the type of videos your character does early. You can earn a faster audience by doing a variety of things, but make sure you do a BitLife one every so often. Despite having several thousand followers, it doesn’t mean they always watch it. You need to have BitLife be apart of your core content share, or your subscribers won’t regularly watch it. It’s a delicate balance to reach that count, and have so many people watching your videos. Hopefully, one of your videos goes viral.

There are a variety of different videos you can make while assuming the YouTuber personality. Check them out, and see what your audience likes. The game might be biased regarding how many people appear to enjoy the Bitlife ones, though.