How to make a Water Well in Fallout 76

Infinite dirty water at your disposal.

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The Water Well is one of the best and easiest ways to get Dirty Water for crafting recipes in Fallout 76. Dirty Water can be combined with wood at a cooking station to create Boiled Water, a necessary ingredient for many recipes, especially if you are a fan of crafting your own Nukashine. Place a Water Well in your C.A.M.P. and you will be well on your way to creating many different drinks, meals, and liquors.

How to unlock the Water Well

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To craft a Water Well, you first need to obtain the plan for it. This may take some time because it is tied to the reputation system that was added during the Wastelanders DLC. During the DLC, you may notice that you gain reputation with both the Raiders and the Settlers. These factions are the key to unlocking many items in the game. To unlock the plan for the Water Well, you will need to raise your reputation with the Settler faction up to at least Neighborly. This will allow you to purchase the plan from Samuel in Foundation for 750 Gold Bullion. You can get reputation quickly by farming daily quests and taking advantage of the Eviction Notice public event.

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How to build a Water Well

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Building a Water Well requires only a few ingredients. Since this is a C.A.M.P. item, you will need to build it within the confines of your C.A.M.P. You will also need to place this item on dirt. Like with the Water Purifiers, the Water Well cannot be placed on a foundation or floor of any kind. You will find the Water Well under the water tab in the C.A.M.P. crafting menu. You will need the following items to build the Water Well:

  • 1 Concrete
  • 1 Gear
  • 4 Steel

You can obtain all of the necessary items for the crafting of the Water Well from the Grafton Steel Mill. This area tends to these items regularly in case you don’t have them already.