How to make Honeymelon Bread in Tower of Fantasy

A healthy bread breakfast to start your day in the Vera deserts.

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Tower of Fantasy features a vast collection of food items, all of which are useful. However, some food items are better than others, and Honeymelon Bread is one of the best Vera food items. It helps you with frost-type attacks and weapons, making it an ideal food for combat. Getting its recipe and ingredients is well worth it. Here is how to make Honeymelon Bread and where to find its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Honeymelon Bread recipe

Honeymelon Bread is an amazing food item, especially for Vera map, since most enemies there are weak against frost-type attacks. Eating Honeymelon Bread increases your frost attack by 1% and 45 points and helps you recover 10 satiety points. Additionally, you can easily cook it, as you only need three ingredients and its recipe. Here are all the ingredients you need to make Honeymelon Bread in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Honeymelon Bread recipe

It’s impossible to make Honeymelon Bread without its recipe. However, you can easily get its recipe if you have all the needed ingredients. Go to any cooking bot and select Creation from its menu. Put Honeymelon Bread ingredients until you get a 90 to 100% success rate. Hit cook, and the bot will give you the recipe.

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Where to get Honeymelon Bread ingredients

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You need three ingredients for Honeymelon Bread, one of which is native to the Vera desert. To get desert melons, go to areas surrounding the Sandstorm Desert in Vera. You will easily find tons of desert melons at the marked locations. After that, honey and homi grain are common ingredients found in most parts of the Asperia map, especially the Astra and Banges regions.