How to Make Knotwood Rods in LEGO Fortnite

Knotwood Rods are an upgrade resource you need to find in LEGO Fortnite, and this guide shows you how to get them.

How to find Knotwood Rods in LEGO Fortnite

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There are multiple resources you’re going to need to hunt down to expand your LEGO Fortnite world, improving your village for the many visitors who make their way over. For those looking to craft more useful items, Knotwood Rods are a must-have upgrade.

The way you go about crafting Knotwood Rods can take a bit of time to track down, and you’ll need to progress through your world to unlock this knowledge. It can take time, but after you learn the trick of how to get them, everything should be pretty straightforward while you play. Here’s what you need to know about how to make Knotwood Rods in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Get Knotwood Rods in LEGO Fortnite

How to get Knotwood Rods in LEGO Fortnite
Screenshot by Gamepur

The only way to get Knotwood Rods is to harvest Knotwood, which comes from caves in your LEGO Fortnite world. After you have enough of them, bring them to your Lumber Mill, and you can refine them into Knotwood Rods.

The Lumber Mill does not require an upgrade to make this resource. Instead, I learned how to craft this recipe after I had collected over 10 Knotwood planks from a cave and then brought them back to my camp. I had to make sure I had the Lumber Mill constructed somewhere in my village, and then I could refine them, similar to placing in wood to craft planks or wooden rods.

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Knotwood is one of the more difficult resources to grab when starting out in your LEGO Fortnite world. It does require you to have an upgraded Forest Axe, which you can make after you’ve upgraded your crafting bench. You should be able to do this as you become more familiar with your world and work with the villagers who regularly visit and join you while you play. I was able to craft an upgraded crafting bench after a few hours of playing.

However, be careful when entering caves. These locations are dangerous, and it helps to have a shortsword and plenty of torches to navigate them. Again, if you have the starting Forest Axe, you might want to wait until you can begin crafting the uncommon Forest Axe from the crafting bench. The uncommon Forest Axe is much better than the starting one, making it easier to harvest from trees and more durable resources in your LEGO Fortnite world.