Where to get Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy

Hazelnuts are better than cashews.

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Some ingredients in Tower of Fantasy are rather easy to find. You can search an area and come across hundreds of the same item. There are also ingredients that you may never find thanks to how rare they are. Hazelnuts are one of those rare ingredients that are very hard to come across in Tower of Fantasy. These little nuts are easy to overlook but luckily, there are a few places where you can find them.

Where to find Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy

If you want to get your hands on Hazelnuts you are going to be searching for a while. They won’t always appear in the locations around the map. Hazelnuts only appear in the Navia region. This is the third region you will go to during the story but you can access it pretty early on by heading north of the Banges region during chapter two.

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There are very few spawn locations that we have found for Hazelnuts so far. They seem to appear around rivers the most. The description of them will tell you that they are found in the Navia region. The most common area where we have found Hazelnuts is around the river in the Seventh Day Forest in the region. Be careful of the Ravager and Hyena enemies around this location. There are a fair number of them that you may end up fighting.

How to use Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy

Hazelnuts are, by far, one of the best ingredients that you can get in Tower of Fantasy. If you manage to find some, it is a good idea to eat them by themselves. Hazelnuts will heal your character by seven percent of their health plus an additional 15,000. This ingredient will also fill your character’s Satiety meter by four points. Of course, you can also use this ingredient in meals at any cooking station around the map.