How to make Seafood Soup in Tower of Fantasy

With the fishy goodness.

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Tower of Fantasy is filled with many types of food items. Consuming them grants you various advantages in the game, but getting their recipes and ingredients is challenging. Seafood Soup is one of the early-game food items that you can easily get. It’s one of the only foods that boost your frost-type attacks, making it a great food item to carry. Here is how to make Seafood Soup and where to get its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy

Seafood Soup recipe ingredients

Seafood Soup is a great food item to use with frost-type weapons. Consuming it restores 10 satiety points and increases frost damage by 1% and 45 points. You can easily make Seafood Soup using three simple ingredients and its recipe. Here are the ingredients you need to make Seafood Soup in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the Seafood Soup recipe

It’s impossible to make Seafood Soup without its recipe, but you can easily get it. Head to any cooking bot, and interact with it. In the menu, select Creation and put all the Seafood Soup ingredients until you get an 80 to 100% success rate. Hit Create, and the bot will give you the recipe.

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Where to get the Seafood Soup recipe ingredients

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Getting lettuce for Seafood Soup is easy, but scallops and conches are a bit trickier. You can only get scallops in Banges. Go to the marked shores, and look for them in the area; they stand out in the sand, so you can easily spot them.

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To get conches, go to Banges. Head to the marked area in the region. You will usually find them laying by the sea with sea waves washing them. Lastly, lettuces are only found in Astra, but you can easily spot them in grassy areas.