How to make Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy offers a variety of foods that you can cook after getting their recipe. The cooking system as a whole is great and offers many cool mechanics. The food items you make will give you great bonuses, like restoring your satiety or health and providing you with certain boosts. One food recipe that will come in handy in Tower of Fantasy is Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin. This guide will tell you how to make Steamed Eggs with Sea Urchins and the best places to find the ingredients for it.

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Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin recipe

Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin is a rare food that is easy to cook and extremely useful as it helps you immediately restore 15% and 20,000 health. To make the Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin, you will need two ingredients:

How to get the Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin recipe

You can directly make the Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin if you have the recipe, but if not, you need to create the recipe. To do that, go to any cooking bot, and select the creation tab. In the creation tab, put both the indigents in generous amounts to get an 80 to 100% success rate. After that, hit create, and this will give you Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin recipe.

How to get ingredients for Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin

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The Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin ingredients are pretty easy to come by, and you can easily gather many of them. First, to get to the Sea Urchin, you can look at two places; on the north shores of the Banges and the beaches of Crown Mines. They look purple and spiky; it’s hard to miss when you see them near the shore. Lastly, to find poultry eggs, look at high areas of the world. You will usually find them on top of hills and roofs. They look like normal eggs, so you can easily gather them.