How to manually save in Farming Simulator 22

Don’t lose a moment’s progress.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Farming Simulator 22 is a complicated game that doesn’t hold your hand, even on easy mode. While it has an autosave feature, this seems to only save your progress in random intervals, and it’s incredibly unclear how you manually save your progress. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you manually save whenever you want to, ensuring you never lose a day’s worth of work on your farm.

Hidden text

Screenshot by Gamepur

We looked for the manual save button for the first couple of hours we had with the game. It may be down to some level of colorblindness, but we couldn’t see it until, eventually, we spotted some tiny text underneath the main feature screen in the menu. There are three options here: one for closing the menu, one for quitting the game, and one for saving.

On PlayStation 5, which we played the game on, you need to tap the square button to save. This will differ for each platform. When you tap the save button, you’ll get a small prompt showing you that the game is saving your progress. After that, the prompt will disappear, leaving you on the menu screen once more. Now you can close the menu and go about your day farming a little more, safe in the knowledge that your progress is saved up to this point.