How to marry rich in BitLife

Money might matter.

Image via Candywriter

There are several ways you can find love for your character in BitLife. You might encounter an individual at school with whom your character hits it off, or you might start dating years later. There are multiple ways to fall in love and marry in BitLife, but sometimes, you want to take life a little easier and want to make sure you’re spending your life with someone who takes care of you. You want to make sure you marry someone rich, and there are several ways to tell if someone is rich in BitLife.

For obvious reasons, if you’re dating someone from high school or college, it’s a lot harder to tell if your romantic partner will eventually become rich. So you’re better off waiting until you’re out of school, and you start dating using the love application in BitLife, which is underneath activities.

The third stat underneath any character you examine before dating them is the ‘Money’ stat, right below Smarts. You want to make sure this stat is high as possible. The more full it is, the better. This directly tells you how much money they’re making and how well off they are. It can be tough to find someone with a full bar, but keeping it as close as possible will be a good way to make sure you marry rich, which is a requirement for several challenges, such as the Tanya Bregar Challenge.

The downside to this approach is the prenup. If your significant other decides you need to sign a prenup before the two of you marry, you can expect to not receive too much money from them should you divorce. A prenup is designed to ensure both parties keep the money should a marriage fail. So, if you’re the rich one in the relationship, half of your assets don’t go to your spouse should the marriage not work out. The same goes for the other character. Everyone’s assets remain theirs when a marriage happens, allowing you two to move on.

If you’re planning to marry rich in BitLife, you can expect a character to have you sign this before committing to a marriage.