How to modify a vehicle with Off-Road Tires in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Time for some mud running.

Image via Gamepur

Vehicles in Fortnite have gotten a little more interesting with the addition of the Off-Road Tires mod. This can equip any vehicle in the game with a set of off-road tires, making it far more effectively at traveling on grass.

The Off-Road Tires mode can be found in the newly expanded gas stations that can be found all over the map. Most of the gas stations have a new, large building near them that acts as a garage. Inside you can normally find a fully gassed up car, and some vehicles mods in the form of the Off-Road Tires.

When picked up, the Off-Road Tires will take a slot in your toolbar, the same as a weapon or consumable. You can select it, throw it like a grenade, and any car or vehicle that it hits will gain a new set of large, off-road tires.

The tires allow the car to go faster off road than it can on tarmac, so keep that in mind. Your top speed will be limited to about 50 or so on a road, and you will here a strange clicking noise to let you know you shouldn’t be driving there.

The car will be able to go faster on grass, and much faster uphill than most vehicles can normally. It is a little bouncy, however, so players will want to watch out for that. It is easy to lose control of the car with these tires on it, partially down to the landscape you will be driving on.