How to not be attacked by spiders in Grounded

You can do whatever a spider can.


Image via Steam

Spiders are usually not the biggest problem in the world, but in Grounded, they’re the size of a small bus. They can take you with one or two strikes, depending on what armor you’re wearing when fighting them. Plus, these aggressive spiders chase you a good distance before becoming disinterested with you, and they’re quick. Most players try to avoid them, even when attempting to explore the game. However, there’s an excellent way to ensure they do not attack you, and the way to do it is similar to avoid ants. You need to wear the spider armor set.

How to research spider armor

While wearing the complete spider armor, none of the spiders will be aggressive unless you provoke them. You can slip past them, and wander through their territory as if you were one of them. There are three pieces to the spider armor, one for your head, chest, and then your legs. You can learn how to make these armor pieces by analyzing spider chunks or berry leather.

How to craft spider armor

After learning how to craft the spider armor, here are the resources you need for each piece of armor:

Spider Hood:

  • Two berry leather
  • Three spider chunks
  • Two spider fangs

Spider Shoulder Guard:

  • Three berry leather
  • Five spider chunks
  • Four spider silk

Spider Knee Pads:

  • Two berry leather
  • Four spider chunks
  • Four spider silk

Many of these resources come from spiders, but the berry leather you need to grab them from the berry bushes on the southeast point of the map. You can find them in the berry hedges and access them by knocking them out of the branches. Sometimes these berries are available on the ground, but you’re better off trying to find a way up through the branches to grab more of them.

The primary resources for these armor pieces come from spiders. You can find spider chunks and spider silk from any of the spiders you encounter in the garden. However, the spider fangs for the Spider Hood armor piece come from the wolf spider. You can find several wolf spiders at the base of the tree close to the center of the map, or near the berry bushes close to the pond. A wolf spider is much larger than the other species of spider in-game, the orb weaver. They deal a lot more damage and are difficult to take down. You’re better off killing them from a distance, rather than meeting them in a close-quarters encounter.

When you have all of your armor pieces on your character, feel free to explore where the spiders typically wander. None of them will bother you again, giving you free rein to explore the garden without worry.