How to open a Vault with another player in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

You can still unlock it without a partner.

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Chapter 3, Season 1 of Fortnite, is now live, along with the week one challenges. Like past seasons, completing the weekly quests will net players special rewards, mainly XP, which is used for levelling up the Battle Pass. One of the quests that players need to tackle is “Open a Vault with another player, ” and here is how to complete it.

How to open a Vault with another player

Screenshot by Gamepur

Vaults were first introduced in Fortnite back in Chapter 2, Season 2 but were removed from the game just after a single season. Originally a keycard was used for opening these vaults; however, instead of a keycard, you need two players to open a vault this time around.

There are seven vaults in the new Fortnite map that require two players for unlocking. Once you come across a vault, simply stand in front of the switch on its side to trigger the unlocking. However, your partner needs to be in the same place and stand in front of the vault’s switch for it to unlock.

You can still unlock these vaults if you are playing solo and do not have any duo partner. There are NPCs roaming around every vault on the map. Attack one of the NPCs, and it will immediately start hitting you back. When this happens, go near the vault’s switch, and the NPC will follow you to attack; however, since there are now two players (you and NPC) near the vault’s switch, it will unlock the vault. Alternatively, you can knock down an NPC and carry it to the vault’s switch.