How to outfit The Citadel with tech equipment in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Solve for The Citadel’s hidden location for this stage of the Oathbound questline.

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has been slow to dish out additional challenges for the Oathbound story questline, but its Part 3 challenges have now become live. This fresh set of quests begins with Rift Warden Stellan asking you to set up tech equipment for their Rift Gate to function. However, as some may notice, the exact locations for configuring this tech is seemingly hidden. Here’s where to set up tech equipment at The Citadel in Fortnite’s Oathbound questline.

Where to outfit The Citadel with tech equipment in Fortnite

In order to set up tech equipment at The Citadel, you must first head to the front entrance of its castle on the south end of the named location. From there, markers will glow below its stairs, pointing to the equipment that needs to be set up. As shown below, you can get to this hidden location by jumping down the side of stairs and taking the doorway near the knight statues. You can then activate the two tech pieces by pressing your respective reloading button.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Although you will be rewarded its 20,000 XP bonus, the quest is not entirely over yet. The Rift Warden will then discover that the equipment needs power and tasks you with grabbing a power plug. You can recover the plug by going to the doorway on the right side of the castle and then smashing the wall directly to the right once inside. After it is picked up, you can then bring it back to the tech equipment for its additional 40,000 XP reward.

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As the Citadel is considered one of the hottest drops in Chapter 4, those having trouble staying alive in the area may need to grab the Falcon Scout to scan for all enemy locations nearby. Additionally, the item can even help locate the equipment and power plug if you’re struggling to run into them. Those simply wanting a better weapon to ward off enemies may be best off finding the Kamehameha Mythic, a powerful ranged blast that has returned for the latest Dragon Ball crossover.