How to pass with a Through Ball in FIFA 23

Take advantage of all that space.

Image via EA Sports

If you’re familiar with traditional football, or otherwise known as soccer in the United States, then you are probably aware with the effectiveness of Through Balls. Through Ball passes are great weapons for fast teams, and take advantage of gaps in the opposing team’s defense. Much like with football, Through Balls are strong weapons in the passing game in FIFA 23, so it is rather important to know how to do one. So, how can you pass with a Through Ball in FIFA 23? Let’s go over what you need to know.

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How to pass with a Through Ball in FIFA 23

To pass and assist with a Through Ball in FIFA 23, you’ll need to set up correctly. This means having a gap between defenders, and a streaking football player that can sprint towards the ball.

Now, to pass with a Through Ball, hit either Y (for Xbox) or Triangle (for PlayStation) on the controller to move the ball towards the open space. These controls are exactly the same for both the Classic and Alternate control configurations.

Through Balls are quite effective if you are trying to play a fast-paced game, and have an opportunity to catch defenders flat-footed. Knowing how to use a Through Ball will also most likely be important for FUT and Objectives, if history is any indication. In past FIFA games, players have needed in some Objectives challenges to rack up assists via the Through Ball. Make sure to master this mechanic, in order to make progress toward those specific Objectives.