How to play and win in Fortnite Impostors

Fortnite Impostors is a mode for a maximum of ten players. Eight play as Agents maintaining the Bridge and two play Impostors out to overtake it. Starting a game is quite easy, as players just need to pick “Impostors” from the available options on the main Play tab in-game.

When it comes to winning, it is certainly much easier to win as an Imposter, so spam the mode until you get that role. The aim of an Imposter is to take over the bridge or by eliminating enough Agents to take control. You have some tricks up your sleeve to help you do that.

  • Disable Assignments – Temporarily freeze progress on all Assignments, buying you precious time.
  • Teleport Players – Relocate all Agents and Impostors to somewhere else on The Bridge, covering your tracks.
  • Peely Party – For a short time, all Agents and Impostors look like Peely so you can blend in with the crowd!

Imposters can also complete assignments which will make other players trust them. While it will help the Agents to progress toward victory, with clever planning you can easily undo all the progress you made with the right moves.

Work in conjunction with the other Imposter, and make sure you watch each other’s backs. When someone calls a vote, make sure you can make a solid excuse about where you were and what you were doing, and be sure to only pick off other players when they wander off alone.