How to play FIFA 23 early

Here’s how to get the 10-hour trial version of the game now.

Image via EA Sports

FIFA 23 launches on Friday, September 30, but a 10-hour early access trial version of the game is now available. The 10-hour trial is not a demo — it’s a full-featured version of the game, and any progress you make on it will carry over to the full game. There are two ways to get this early access to FIFA 23.

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How to play FIFA 23 early by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition

You can pre-order FIFA 23 on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC via your platform’s own store, or through the EA app, Steam, Stadia, or the Epic Games Store. The FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition costs around $30 more than the FIFA 23 Standard Edition, depending on your platform and region, but it includes a lot more content.

This content includes 4600 FIFA Points, an untradeable FIFA Ultimate Team Ones To Watch item, an untradeable Team of the Week player, Kylan Mbappé as a loan player, a FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick, Career Mode Homegrown Talent, and that all-important three days of early access. Once you’ve pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, you can go to the game’s page on your platform of choice, and select the Trial Version. This will download your 10-hour trial.

How to play FIFA early by subscribing to EA Play

EA Play is EA’s own subscription service that allows you to play a lot of EA games for free, grants discounts on a lot of EA games, and lets you play trial versions of EA games prior to their release. It costs $4.99 per month, or $29.99 per year, although there are often first-month discounts that let you have your first month for around $1.

There is an EA Play discount on FIFA 23, so if you subscribe for one month and buy FIFA 23, you’ll already have saved money. This will also get you early access, of course. So, as soon as you’ve signed up to EA Play, download the Trial Version in the same way described above.