FIFA 23: How the Ones to Watch promo works

These are indeed cards to watch.

Image via EA Sports

FIFA 23 is here, and so is the first major promo for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). The first promo is called Ones to Watch, and this one focuses on all of the footballers who have changed places since the start of the summer. So, who exactly is eligible for Ones to Watch cards, and do these items have the opportunity to be upgraded in the future? We have answers.

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How the Ones to Watch promo works in FIFA 23

Much like last year, FIFA Ones to Watch (OTW) is a promo that highlights some of the biggest names that moved throughout the year in the transfer market. While most FIFA promos will include boosted player items that are several OVR points higher than the original base card, you should notice that these cards don’t have an OVR boost. In fact, to start out, these items will have the same stats as the base items, but that will most likely change.

Ones to Watch cards can receive additional upgrades throughout the year. This will depend on a number of factors. The main one is whether the player that is featured gets either a Team of the Week (TOTW) or Man of the Match card. Should that player receive a card, that player’s Ones to Watch card will get a boost to reflect the newly added item.

Additionally, Ones to Watch cards are eligible for two future upgrades. Starting on September 30, Ones to Watch cards can receive a stat boost, should that footballer’s team win three of their next eight domestic league matches. That player does not need to appear in those games in order to receive the upgrade.

A second stat boost could also be applied later this year during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Should that player’s national team win a game in the World Cup, the featured player does not need to be in that particular game, nor does he even need to be on the squad to be eligible.