How to play Prisoner Rescue in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

A mode perfect for those who use stealthy or defensive play-styles.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 does its absolute best to have a separate identity from past games in the series. This is especially apparent when peering at the game’s multiplayer modes. For one, the shooter adds the new Prisoner Rescue into the mix, which holds a round-based format and disables respawns. It certainly takes inspiration from Search and Destroy, but there are a handful of twists to be aware of. Here’s how to play Prisoner Rescue in MW2.

How does Prisoner Rescue work in MW2?

Prisoner Rescue pits two teams of six players against each other, with one side being Attackers and the other being Defenders. These Attackers are tasked with saving two NPC hostages near the Defenders’ spawn and dropping them off at their own end of the map. Each hostage saved by the Attackers net the team 100 Points, while Defenders are given 50 points for every hostage that remains untouched by the end of the round. Most importantly, the teams do switch roles every two rounds, and the match will only end once one side earns a total of 500 points.

Although this may come easy to stealthy players, there are a few catches. Prisoner Rescue opts to disable respawning abilities entirely, though each player can be revived one time — no matter their team. Additionally, the Attacker holding the hostage is limited to using a pistol, so teammates should look to protect the hostage carrier while heading to the evacuation point.

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Those who revive teammates and evacuate hostages can anticipate to Rank up with ease, as additional XP is earned each time these actions are completed. Prisoner Rescue ultimately provides for one of several methods to level up fast, especially while you can complete Daily Challenges in the mode. Those able to improve their Rank will then be rewarded with either new Perks, Killstreaks, or possibly one of the game’s 55 available weapons.