How to play specialist Casper in Battlefield 2042 – Abilities, load-outs, tips, and more

Silent but deadly.

Image via Electronic Arts

Wikus “Casper” Van Daele is a South African-born sniper and intelligence operative with a mission on returning to the home he left. Casper is the ultimate recon specialist in Battlefield 2042, offering the ability to give more intel to your team than any other specialist within the game. Casper even sports the classic gilly suit, further reinforcing his status as a stealth sniper, and he excels at his job.


Specialty: OV-P Recon Drone

The signature ability of Casper is different when compared to some of the other abilities in the game. Casper deploys a recon drone that can spot infantry, EMP enemies, and even laser designate opposing vehicles for lock-on weapons to target. The OV-P Recon Drone excels when used aggressively, don’t be afraid to use your drone to infiltrate enemy lines and spot as many as you can for your teammates and yourself to take out.

Trait: Movement Sensor

Casper’s trait is the best friend of anyone worried about getting shot from behind. While playing Casper, you will be alerted to all approaching enemies, both while boots on the ground and when piloting your OV-P Recon Drone. Due to his nature of playing alone in the backlines, this trait is perfect for keeping your six covered while you focus on sniping those ahead of you or droning your teammates through a tough gunfight.

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Load-outs and tips

Casper is a specialist that fits the lone-wolf sniper role to a T. Everything about his kit promotes a patient but deadly playstyle that helps both yourself and your teammates succeed. While playing Casper, prioritize using Sniper Rifles and explore Designated Marksman Rifles as they can be an excellent option for a slightly more aggressive playstyle. Be sure to have a capable high damage sidearm if things get dicey and you end up fighting in close quarters.

Casper is sure to be a fan-favorite specialist in Battlefield 2042 due to his looks, abilities, and playstyle. He is an excellent addition to any team due to his unparalleled supportive spotting abilities combined with his solo play trait. If you plan to hunker down with your trusty bolt action and take out your enemies from afar, definitely give Casper a chance.