How to play the Rhythm of the Great Dream in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact’s Sumeru region comes with its own set of quests that will keep you occupied for a while. Most quests will either test your combat skills or your ability to solve intricate puzzles. However, some quests are out of the box and will take much more than just common problem-solving skills. One such quest is Rhythm of the Great Dream, which requires you to play a song using specific notes.

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Playing the Rythm of the Great Dream in Genshin Impact

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Rhythm of the Great Dream is a minigame you’ll tackle while going through the Aranyaka quests. While traversing between Gandharva Ville and Vimara Village, you’ll come across a Strange Arch, “Phantasmal Gate, which will task you to play a specific song to awaken a Vintage Lyre. If you are wondering, Vintage Lyre can be unlocked by completing the previous sub-quest in the same questline (Aranyaka quest series). Once you have the instrument, you can simply equip it from the inventory.

To play the song, you need to hit the right notes on the instrument. The correct notes’ symbol will appear on the top of the screen, and you have to select the corresponding notes on the panel at the bottom of your screen. That said, the correct notes in the right order are mentioned below.

  • fa
  • mi
  • so
  • fa
  • do

Do not fret about the song’s speed, as Rhythm of the Great Dream is relatively easy to play. Once you complete the song, the quest will end, and the subsequent sub-quest in the main quest line will get updated.