How to play Twitch in Rainbow Six Siege: gadget, weapon, and more

Becoming a Shock Drone expert.

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One of the best silent killers in Rainbow Six Siege you’ll unlock from the start is original operator Twitch. From small explosives to a diverse set of weapon choices, this character is surely one of the easiest to use. However, to succeed at a high rate, you will need to understand where to place certain gadgets and which weapon provides the best opportunity for perfect aim when using Twitch.

Gadget (Shock Drone)

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Twitch is famously known for her iconic Shock Drone gadget. Unlike standard drones, this piece of equipment can only be used after the objective search but can fire crucial lasers at enemies, resulting in about 10 damage per hit. As she’ll be equipped with two, you have multiple opportunities to ensure the drone gets at least one hit in.

Once Twitch is spawned in, we recommend activating the drone and sending it to a hidden spot close to the objective. As shown above, badly hurt opponents tend to camp near the bomb or hostage. This will be your chance to finish them off with the Shock Drone. Of course, you’ll need to check on the drone every 15 seconds or so to ensure that there are enemies close by.

Weapon loadout

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It is typically smarter to base your weapons of choice on your operator’s speed. With Twitch having a two out of three speed rating, we suggest using the F2 assault rifle — the only gun in her arsenal lending short and long-range capabilities. Although it isn’t as damaging as her shotgun or sniper, attaching the powerful LFP586 revolver as your secondary should almost guarantee the ability to finish off an enemy. As for attachments and lethals, here’s what you’ll need to apply:

  • F2 Assault Rifle
    • Optic: Scope 1.5x
    • Barrel: Muzzle Brake
    • Grip: Vertical Grip
    • Underbarrel: none
  • LFP586
    • Underbarrel: Laser (crucial for increased hip-fire accuracy)
  • Additional Gadget: Claymore

Tips for succeeding with Twitch

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As you’re not defending, using the Claymore may seem like a head-scratching decision. However, the deadly device works extremely well with the Shock Drone. For instance, after Twitch manages to make it inside a main building, set the Claymore outside of an objective’s entrance. Then rush over to a safe, comfortable hiding spot, activate the Shock Drone, and try to gain an enemy’s attention with it. Once they are trying to chase it down, lure them near the Claymore for an unexpected kill.

Lastly, if you do happen to catch an enemy from behind, a wise decision is to take them out with your LFP586 revolver rather than your F2. Although its recoil is tough to handle, the revolver does about twice the damage as the assault rifle and obviously saves you much-needed AR ammo.

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