How to practice gymnastics in BitLife

Tumble and roll.

Image via Candywriter

There are several sports and extracurricular activities you characters can do in BitLife. If they’re good enough, they can become a professional athlete and make a large amount of money playing for the big leagues and participating in major competitions. One of the simpler sports your character can choose to compete in is gymnastics. It’s a simple activity, and you can only have your character do it at a young age.

From what we’ve seen, you can only practice gymnastics if your character is female. This is the only way for this option to appear when it does. It happens at a specific time, too. You can only have your character practice gymnastics when they are in middle school.

When they’re in middle school and at the university level they need to have a decent enough level of health and athleticism. You’re not forced to complete this in middle school, and some players have reported having a better time of doing this when they reach university because of how much more time the character has had to increase their fitness levels.

For your character to start practicing gymnastics, go to the school tab and go to the activities section. There’s a large list of extracurricular activities your character can participate in while attending middle school or college. For some reason, we don’t see it popping up when our character makes it to high school. If your character is female, gymnastics will be one of these options. Your character needs to apply for the role, and if they make it, they’ll start competing on the gymnastics team.

For those attempting to enroll your character in gymnastics for the Harley Quinn challenge, it’s a brief window to participate in this activity. This can make or break you completing it.