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How to put out fires in Sons of the Forest

Get rid of that pesky fire.

In Sons of the Forest, players will need to build a home base if they want to survive the cannibals and mutants. At this chosen location, you might have built a mighty campfire that you don’t want anymore. No problem, there is a way to put it out before it burns down everything you might have built over it. This solution doesn’t require any type of effort from you and it will all be done by pressing one button. Here is how to put out fires in Sons of the Forest.

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How to destroy fires in Sons of the Forest

Campfires in Sons of the Forest will fizzle out if you just wait. As long as you don’t provide more fuel for the fire (leaves, sticks, etc.), then the fire will destroy itself after a while. The fastest way to put out a fire in Sons of the Forest is to go to sleep. When you wake up, the fire should have fizzled out.

You can also destroy a campfire in Sons of the Forest if you hit it with a weapon a few times. They don’t seem to have a lot of health and you can hit them while they are still burning. As long as you don’t walk over the fire, you should be good.

Unfortunately, since campfires are not a “structure,” you can’t disassemble them, as you would a building. You can usually just destroy something you’ve built by holding the C button on your keyboard. However, this method doesn’t seem to work on fires.

If you are trying to stop your character from burning due to a fire, you can solve this by jumping into water. If there is no river or water nearby, just run around for a bit and the burning effect will go away.

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