How to quickly charge the Cryptolith Lure in Destiny 2

Charge up the lure to earn those hunts.

If you want to participate in the Wrathborn hunts in Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt, you need to earn a Cryptolith Lure charge. Your lure can contain three of them, granting you access to finding these powerful enemies, and taking them down for some great loot. Unfortunately, your Cryptolith Lure needs a charge once it’s used up, and there are three activities you can participate in to increase it, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, or Strikes.

Of the three, the fastest and quickest way to increase your Cryptolith Lure is to participate in Strikes. Completing each of the activities provides your Cryptolith Lure with a 33% charge, that’s confirmed across all three. However, with Strikes, there are two additional opportunities for your lure small boosts in its charge. You can take out enemies by killing them with a precision strike, or by taking down a challenging combatant, the elite enemies with a yellow health bar and a name to them.

A precision kill against an enemy rewards you a 1% charge, and that can quickly stack up as your run through a strike, taking out minions left and right. When you take down a challenging enemy, your lure earns a 10% charge. You do enough of these, and it will quickly stack up, without having to finish a Strike.

To go even further beyond this is to go through the Nightfalls. The number of champions and challenging enemies you encounter in the higher levels will quickly fill up your Cryptolith Lure.

If you make sure you’re doing these two things alongside completing the strike to earn your standard 33% charge, your Cryptolith Lure will be finished by the second strike. It’ll take far less time for you to go down this route than it does running through Gambit or Crucible matches.