How to quickly earn Cabal Gold in Destiny 2

This war requires profits, and gold.

Image via Bungie

The main focus for Guardians in Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is to challenge various members of Caiatl’s war council. You’ll be challenging them in combat following their rituals, and abiding by their methods. When you earn the Hammer of Proving by working with Zavala, Osiris, and Lord Saladin, you’ll need to earn Cabal Gold to earn Challenger Medallions. If you want to progress and challenge these warchiefs, you’ll need to have plenty of Cabal Gold at your disposal.

How to earn Cabal Gold fast

There are multiple methods for you to earn Cabal Gold during the Season of the Chosen. You can participate in all of the usual activities: Strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches, and Nightmare Hunts. It’s the typical playlist content you’ve come to expect from the Destiny 2 grind.

For those who want to focus on powering through the Season of the Chosen content, your best bet is to focus on completing Strikes. You can do this by visiting the Strikes Playlist available on the Vanguard page. Run through these a few times with a reliable round of friends, and churn it out repeatedly to gain the most Cabal Gold. You can this fairly easily by yourself, so if no one’s around to help you, it’s not something you have to sit on until others pop online. You can earn enough to use a Medallion after finishing one.

You can always explore the Gambit content as that might be a decent choice to explore alone. It’s certainly better than going through Crucible matches to battle every Guardian that uses the Darkness subclass. Of the chosen playlists, Strikes are your best bet, and Gambit never hurts to explore if you have a full fireteam playing with you.