How to reconnect with an estranged child in BitLife

Reconnect with lost loved ones.

Image via Candywriter

You won’t always connect with all of your children in BitLife, and that’s okay. But if you’re looking to connect with an estranged child for one of the challenges in the mobile game, there are a few things you’re going to need to do for this to happen. In this guide, we break down the process to reconnect with an estranged child.

The only way you can reconnect with an estranged child is if you abandon them. You can do this when you’ve had the child and then find them in your relationships tab a year or two after they’ve been born. Click on them, and you’ll have the option to abandon them. Abandon the child, and you won’t have any responsibility to them, but you’re likely going to be paying child support to take care of them.

When you want to reconnect with them, you’re going to have to wait several years to have the chance to do this. When you reach out to them, they likely won’t want to talk to you, so you’ll have to provide them gifts to increase their interest in you, and then eventually, they’ll slowly want to open up, talk with you, and then you’ll be able to reconnect. There’s the option to do it much sooner, but we recommend trying to give them gifts first to build the relationship, and then try to reconnet. But reconnecting is a good option. The annoying part of the process is to make sure you’ve abandoned them shortly after they’re born.

Most people will be attempting to complete this objective for a challenge in BitLife.