How to remove the turnbuckle in WWE 2K22

Pull a dirty trick.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of professional wrestling’s time-honored traditions is for some performer to take the padding off of the turnbuckle. Doing this exposes the inner portion of the turnbuckle, and because this part is metal, having a wrestler go right into it can do some cheap damage. Heels have been known for decades to expose this part of the ring as a villainous tactic, and WWE 2K22 users can follow suit and remove the turnbuckle pad during a traditional match in the game.

So, how can you remove the pad and expose the turnbuckle in WWE 2K22? It’s not hard to do, so let’s go over the button inputs.

To remove the turnbuckle in WWE 2K22, move your controlled wrestler to one of the four corners of the ring. Once you have done that, you’ll need to press a two-button combo to complete the process.

For Xbox users, click RT, followed by LB, to take the turnbuckle padding off from the corner. For PlayStation users, hit R2 and then L1.

Screenshot by Gamepur

That’s all you will need to do in order to take the turnbuckle pad off in WWE 2K22. Do this at the right time, and it could give you an extra advantage out in the ring.

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