How to repair buildings in Grounded

Keep your walls strong.

Grounded 3

Image via Obsidian

Not all of the insects in Grounded will respect the location you’ve called home. Many of them will happily attack your buildings, especially the walls preventing them from getting inside to steal a tasty snack you left out. Your buildings will take damage, and eventually, they will break down and force you to make new ones. Rather than wait until a wall is destroyed or force yourself to recycle it, you can repair many of your structures.

How to research the repair tool

To repair your buildings, you need to learn how to craft the repair tool. It’s a recipe you can learn how to make by analyzing quartzite. There are multiple locations to mine quartzite, but it will always be available underground, so you need to traverse the depths of any cave or insect dwelling. There is some inside of the anthill, and there’s some in the caves that were made for the wire of the device you have to investigate when doing the quest to learn what is weakening the laser.

How to craft the repair tool

After analyzing the quartzite, you can craft the repair tool. These are the resource requirements:

You can use the quartzite you analyzed to learn about the repair tool to craft it. The sprig and woven fibers should be no trouble for you as these items are all over the place and on the ground. When you’re ready, go ahead and craft your repair tool to use on any of the structures in your dwelling to ensure they remain intact. The repair tool will eventually break, so be prepared to craft another.